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ChiroCure Clinic

Veteran Affairs (DVA)

Veteran claiming explained

At ChiroCure Clinic, all Veteran Affairs (DVA) consultations and treatments are bulk billed.

You will not be charged anything out of pocket, providing that Veteran affairs has either approved your injury for treatment and supplied you with a case number, or you have a valid Veterans Affairs (DVA) Card that you can supply during your care.

- Gold card holders are entitled to be treated for any condition as often as they require for life
(gold card holders do not require a referral to book an appointment and start treatment).

- White card holders are entitled to be treated for certain conditions, specified and approved by DVA.

Once approved, treatment will be as often as required. You will not be charged anything at the time of your appointment.

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All claims are made for you by ChiroCure Clinic

✔ Chiropractic Treatments & Osteopathy Treatments are completely
bulk-billed and charged to Veteran Affairs.

✔ No out of pocket fees or charges

✔ Rehab, Supplements, Exercise advice is included.

✔ Remedial Massage Therapy & Myotherapy can be bulk billed
depending on the referral, and is case by case.

More Information

Referral Requirements

You will need to see your GP to get the appropriate paper work / referral in order, before we can bulk bill you.

You may also use a referral from any local medical officer, medical specialist, doctor in hospital, or a hospital discharge planner.

Referrals are active for 12 months periods only, and need to be updated yearly by the GP or other source.

Rebate Calculation

The amount of treatment you are entitled to, will depend on what you have and what DVA has approved.

You are generally not restricted on the amount of treatment visits you have per calendar year.

Gold card holders are completely bulk billed for all services. Whereas, white card holders are conditional on a case by case basis, depending on the severity of injury.

This is specified by DVA and may be negotiable, with a report from one of our chiropractors or osteopaths.

Treatment without pre-approval or referral

If you need treatment earlier prior to the forms being lodged and approved by DVA, you can still come in and have an appointment.

However we will need to pay for your treatment, on the day of service and send the receipt to DVA for reimbursement.

Be warned if the paperwork is not correct or complete they may refuse to pay for your consultations. It will be a matter between yourself and DVA to resolve.