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ChiroCure Adjustment techniques


Family Chiropractic Care – Treatment for people of all ages.
Sport Injury Management – Full body and spinal injury management
Rehabilitation – in clinic advice and on site rehabilitation services including personalised rehabilitation programs, patient exercise manuals and various gym programs.
Pre and Post-Natal Musculoskeletal Care – pregnancy related management for pregnancy patients.
Applied Kinesiology – A chiropractic system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing with other standard methods of diagnosis)
Chiropractic spinal adjustments  – Treatment tool applied with various treatments techniques. ​


Manual Therapy

  •  Adjustment/ manipulation (an audible release or crack may be heard (this sound is merely a result of a gas bubble forming inside the joint)
  • Flexion distraction (increases the spinal motion to resolve disc bulges and disc herniations using a distraction table)

Low-force Techniques

  • Activator adjusting (a device that delivers a painless impulse into a joint) 
  • Pelvic Blocks (using gravity to stretch the pelvic and lumbar joints, for better alignment)
  • Drop-piece table (involves a specialised table with sections that control drop to facilitate movement in various joints)
  • Sustained direct manual pressure ( release fixated joints and muscles with associated with deep breathing)
  • Soft Tissue release  ( Various muscle release techniques to help with hypertonic and tender muscles)
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