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What are the affects of prolonged sitting?

Prolonged Sitting – the whole story. Today we live a very sedentary life style which includes a lot of sitting, either in the home or at the office. Prolonged sitting can lead to many health risks including; cardiovascular disease, diabetes and musculoskeletal issues like chronic low back and neck pain. As the trend for prolonged […]

Electrotherapy specialised Myotherapy treatments.

We can offer Electrotherapy treatment during our Myotherapy and Massage appointments. This specialised therapeutic technique called ‘Electrotherapy’ uses an electrical current that is applied directly into the muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves, to correct dysfunction and pain within the musculoskeletal system. The application of an electrical current into a dry needling that is running through […]

IBS and Osteopathy Treatment

Irritable bowel syndrome and osteopathy treatment at chirocure clinic in StKilda and Dromana, Melbourne. Have you ever had stomach pains after a discussion, after an important call or after an unexpected event? How many times have you had diarrhoea before an exam, an interview or a particularly busy working day? This condition is called IBS […]

Breathing techniques to prevent back pain – our osteopath explains!

Breathing is possibly the most basic action of our existence, everyone can do it without even thinking, right? Well technically yes, but most of us do it ineffectively. Let’s do a quick challenge: take a deep breath in. Done? Let me guess, you did it through your mouth, inflating as first thing your chest, lifting […]

Treating tech-neck with chiropractic at chirocure clinic St Kilda Melbourne

ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM TECH-NECK? These days technology is a big part of our lives and it’s likely to increasingly be that way. During the rise in use of technology we are noticing increasing cases of neck pain which we refer to as ‘tech-neck’. Whether it’s spending time on the phone, computer or gaming Australians […]

Should we be sitting or standing at work to prevent back pain?

Have you ever stopped to think about how many hours per day we spend sit at our desks and how our body reacts to it? Sitting for several hours in a row generally leads us to slump in the chair with the result of compressing the spine and stretching the supporting spinal muscles. Low back […]

Backpack advise for kids going to school

Why is it so important for backpacks to be worn correctly when going to school? Poorly fitting back or overloaded backpacks can lead to sore shoulders and sore back as a result of overloaded and fatigued muscles. Constant overloading to the spine can cause strain on muscles, ligaments and the spine. This increases your child’s […]

How to get out of bed safely without back pain

7.00 am, alarm rings, it’s time to wake up to get to working place. Lazily you open your eyes, you are looking at the ceiling, you snort because you would like to do a couple more hours in dreamland, you gather all the willpower in your body, you make to get up like every other […]

Our Chiropractor busts the myth about arthritis and running!

For many years the health industry has believed that long periods of running or running frequently will cause arthritis. However, the British Journal of Sports Medicine released a journal article stating “recreational running does not have a negative impact of the articular cartilage in runners.” So what does cause arthritis? Arthritis is most commonly caused […]

We welcome to our chiropractic team!

Dr Meg is our new associate chiropractor here at ChiroCure. She is a graduate of RMIT, where she graduated with Distinction. Dr Meg is passionate about sports and rehab chiropractic management. She enjoys an active lifestyle, in her spare time she enjoys running, hiking, kayaking and swimming. She enjoys dealing with injury prevention and rehab […]

What is Fascia and why is it so important when having a Massage?

Fascia is the connective tissue that links our entire body together. Fascia wraps around our organs, muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and even cells. Lack of mobility in the fascia eventually can lead to chronic pain, chronic postural imbalances, tightness, stiffness and postural dysfunctions. Fascia not only holds muscles together and keeps them in the correct […]

What is Myotherapy and how can it help me with pain?

Our Myotherapist uses a wide range of techniques to treat muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Techniques involve Dry needling, Cupping, Deep tissue release, Myofascial release, TENs stimulation (Electrotherapy), Joint mobilisation and more. These techniques are used to treat conditions such as Neck pain, Back pain, Hip pain, Shoulder pain, Sciatic pain, TMJ (Jaw pain), Tendonitis, […]

The benefits of physical activity and treatment

Benefits of Physical Activity ​Now the sun has come out and lockdown is over, it’s time to celebrate!!  And what better motivations do you need to get out and get your fitness goals ticked off, then this beautiful sun and warmth.   Physical activity and fitness have a wide range of benefits to the human […]

Neck and back pain and how Osteopathy treatment can help.

Why do I have neck and back pain??  And how can osteopathy help with this… Have you ever wondered why you have a sore neck or back, when you never do any big extreme movements, or that you never remember an event that started it. Neck and back pain can arise from a variety of […]

Tuesday Treatments

Tuesday Treatments! Our patients ticking treatment off their to-do list!​Additional benefits of our care: Decreased pain Improved range of motion Improved breathing Improved sleep quality Decreased inflammation Improved posture, and much more 

Melbourne Snap Lockdown 15/7/21

Melbourne Snap Lockdown 15/7/21 In line with the government restrictions for the next 5 days, ChiroCure Clinic is classed as essential care.  Therefore all chiropractic and osteopathic treatments are still allowed to go ahead for essential care treatments. Our usual opening hours apply going forward. Please ring our clinic on 9013 5133 if you have […]

We are opening in Mornington!

Grand opening – Mornington Clinic We would like to announce that our Mornington Clinic has finally opened! We are currently offering chiropractic, massage and myotherapy services! Our opening hours:Monday:        9am – 6pmTuesday:        9am – 6pmWednesday:  9am – 6pmThursday:      9am – 1pmSaturday:       9am – 3pmSunday:   […]

Trigger point release technique with chiropractic treatment

Trigger point release​ Dr. Emily in action treating glute spasms and muscle tightness ​ Did you know our gluteal muscles are up made of 3? Gluteus maximus Gluteus medius Gluteus minimus As a group they are one of the most dominantly used muscles in our body which is why they can get tight easily, or […]


Why is recovery so important? Allows for better performance and improves bodily functions Decreases risk of injury Gives the chance for your body to repair Prevents fatigue and promotes better energy levels Ways we can help you recover and what we offer: Supplementation of minerals and vitamins to assist with energy, reduce inflammation, enhanced immunity […]

Osteopathy & Sporting Injuries

Ever wondered how osteopathy can help and aid with the recovery of sporting injuries? It is osteopathic belief that the body can heal itself.  So this is where we stand in; to assist the body in recover.  Never dictate itDue to the wide range of treatment options osteopaths have at their disposal and the knowledge […]