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DVA Claiming for Chiropractic Services

Claim Your DVA Claims at ChiroCure Clinic!

ChiroCure Clinic claims DVA claims on the spot, so it is easier for you to get the care that you require, without the hassle of dealing with mail-in or online claiming yourself.

Our highly trained staff are knowledgable in what is claimable and how to make the process easier for you.

​ Ask a member of our health care team today via email, chirocure@mail.com or call us, (03) 9013 5133 for more information. 


Did you know that if you have a DVA Card you could be eligible for free Chiropractic care

All Veterans Affairs (DVA) consultations are bulk billed providing DVA has approved your claim.

  • GOLD card holders are entitled to be treated for any condition.
  • WHITE card holders are entitled to be treated for only the conditions specified by DVA.

You need to see your GP to get the appropriate paper work in order before we are able to bulk bill. The amount of treatment you are entitled to, will depend on what you have and what DVA has approved. You are generally not restricted on amount of visits per year.