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Osteopathy & Sporting Injuries

Ever wondered how osteopathy can help and aid with the recovery of sporting injuries?

It is osteopathic belief that the body can heal itself.  So this is where we stand in; to assist the body in recover.  Never dictate it
Due to the wide range of treatment options osteopaths have at their disposal and the knowledge they have, they can help in all stages of rehabilitation.  From initial stage of injury, all the way to returning to sport and behind.
Our wide range of treatments can help improve

  • Muscle tonicity
  • Reduction on swelling
  • And increase in general range of movement
  • Re-strengthening muscles
  • Improved mobility and stability
  • Fixing any area that may of overcompensated during the injury process

So come in and have a chat with our passionate osteopaths and see what they can do to help your injury and help you return to the sport you love.