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We welcome to our chiropractic team!

Dr Meg is our new associate chiropractor here at ChiroCure. She is a graduate of RMIT, where she graduated with Distinction. Dr Meg is passionate about sports and rehab chiropractic management. She enjoys an active lifestyle, in her spare time she enjoys running, hiking, kayaking and swimming. She enjoys dealing with injury prevention and rehab post injury.

During her time at Uni she was a graduate of the RMIT sports academy, which focused on the management, and treatment of many different types of sporting injuries. During her time at the sports academy there was a focus on the concept of prehab or pre-rehab.

This encompassed functional movement assessment to highlight any weak or poorly functioning muscles. This type of assessment is effective in identifying structures that may become injured if there is no strengthening of these structures.

This type of assessment is useful for those who are entering into pre-season or those returning to sports after a break. If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Meg you can book online or you can give us a call.

Assessments are also available to those who have experience an injury and would like a customised rehab to compliment their chiropractic treatment.

Dr Meg also enjoys treating postural related pain (i.e. low back pain, neck pain, etc.), headaches, disc bulges, and extremity issues. She uses evidence base approaches to care and provides tailored treatments to suit the needs of the patients.