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Backpack advise for kids going to school

Why is it so important for backpacks to be worn correctly when going to school?

Poorly fitting back or overloaded backpacks can lead to sore shoulders and sore back as a result of overloaded and fatigued muscles.

Constant overloading to the spine can cause strain on muscles, ligaments and the spine. This increases your child’s likelihood of experiencing back pain as an adult.

Backpacks that are not worn correctly can cause alterations to a child’s posture and/or gait. Poor posture and gait can lead to other musculoskeletal conditions that affect the extremities in particular the hips and the knees and other levels of the spine.

Some of these conditions include tendinopathies, excessive pronation and tension type headaches. These can all cause interference in a child’s active lifestyle. On some occasions these conditions may mean a child has to miss out on playing sports because they are in too much pain.

Prevention is the best form of treatment in cases of back pain. Below are a few tips on how to protect your child’s spine and reduce the likelihood of back pain.

How should a backpack be worn?

– Use both of the shoulder straps

– Ensure the backpack sits close to your body by tightening the straps.

– Ensure the backpack sits in the middle of the back and doesn’t sag down to the buttock area.

– Load the heaviest items close to your back.

– Don’t load the back pack up over 10-20% past the child’s weight.

If you have concerns that your backpack is the cause of your child’s back pain book online for an assessment with our chiropractors today.