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How to get out of bed safely without back pain

7.00 am, alarm rings, it’s time to wake up to get to working place.
Lazily you open your eyes, you are looking at the ceiling, you snort because you would like to do a couple more hours in dreamland, you gather all the willpower in your body, you make to get up like every other morning, SNAP!

Something in your lower back has just popped and the noise does not bode well.

It takes a few seconds, and you realise that your omens were correct, a twinge in your lower back and tingling down your leg start to get more and more uncomfortable.

You finally get up and wow, you can barely walk straight, the pain is excruciating, even just the idea of having to bend over to slip on your socks and shoes to leave the house is terrifying.

It can’t go on like this, today is a sick-day, you hope tomorrow will be better, you take an anti-inflammatory, and get back into bed, trying to remain as still as possible. AH! If only there had been a way to prevent this from happening….

Yes! There are many small gestures in our daily lives that we do that unknowingly predispose us to developing pain situations that we would gladly do without.

One of these is for example how we get out of bed.

Many people while getting out of bed ‘crunch’. As they do so, they sink into the mattress and to maintain balance, they concentrate all the weight of their body on the pelvis and activating the core and loading pressure on the discs.

Why instead not trying this way?

Turn on one side, wait a few seconds, slide the legs off the bed and while doing so help with the arms to raise the torso, wait a few seconds again and finally stand up.

This is one of the small things that can help us preserve our spine and maintain our health.