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Treatment and menstrual pain

Most women have to withstand a lot of pain whilst having their regular menstrual cycle and many dread this experience. Common symptoms experienced includes sharp, cramping pain along with headaches, nausea, low back pain and bloating which may be severe enough to interfere with activities of daily living.
The most common term dysmenorrhea is used to refer to menstrual cycle pains with the aforementioned symptoms.
What is dysmenorrhoea?
Dysmenorrhoea in simple terms is known as painful periods or menstrual cramps in the absence of any underlying abnormality. Symptoms typically last less than 3 days. Generally our practitioners physical examination and patient history will rule out the involvement of organic pathology. 
What causes the cramps/pain?
As part of normal physiology during your menstrual period, the uterus contracts to help expel its lining when no fertilisation of the oocyte (egg) occurs. A hormone-like substance called prostaglandin, which is involved in pain and inflammation, causes uterine muscle contractions. It is suggested that excessive production and release of prostaglandins may cause severe muscle contractions that constrict the surrounding blood vessels and thus, briefly cutting off supply of oxygen to the muscle tissue, resulting in cramp-like pain.
How can remedial  massage provide relieve for menstrual pain?
Treatment is a drugless, non-surgical, natural and we take a holistic approach to relieve pain and associated symptoms. Our practitioners aim to make sure your body functions at its maximal potential by aligning the spine to reduce interferences in the nervous system.

Our team of Remedial Massage therapists at Chirocure Clinic also use a wide array of techniques to improve blood circulation around the body and improve the body’s healing process, their techniques include:

  • Muscle Tension release
  • Dry Needling
  • Therapeutic reflexology
  • Cupping techniques