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Health Fund Rebates @ ChiroCure Clinic

We offer Hicaps for on the spot claims & treatment refunds

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Health fund rebates are available at our clinics for a majority of popular private health insurance providers.

In order to utilise your health fund and claim a rebate you will need to bring your private health insurance card with you to your chiropractic, massage or myotherapy appointment. This will ensure that your receive your rebate on the spot, rather than having to claim yourself, either online or a health fund office with your receipt.

All of our chiropractors and remedial therapists are registered providers, and are therefore claimable through our Hicaps terminal for all treatment services including; chiropractic, remedial massage and myotherapy (dry needling), pregnancy, rehabilitation, and reflexology. 

A majority of health fund providers cover our treatments because of the proven health benefits and pain management control that our therapies offer. The rebate amount will generally cover 40-80% of the total treatment cost, however cover may vary for the fund based on level of cover, so it might be worth enquiring with your fund about how much cover you get each year, and when the cover rolls over. (that way you will get to use it all before it disappears).

HICAPS is available at our clinic, meaning if your health fund qualifies we can refund the difference on the spot. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY!

If you would like to claim treatment under Medicare for a rebate, again you must provide a GP referral form – EPC form, and bring it in with you to your chiropractic visits. You will receive a $52.95 rebate for 5 visits each calendar year.

If your claim is relating to workers compensation be sure to seek a referral from your GP to go ahead with a course of treatment, our practitioners have work cover provider numbers, and can assist you with claiming and provide medical reports and treatment receipts for claiming. 

For more detail on clinic services using medicare click here.

To book an appointment or for any questions please phone the clinic and our staff can assist you. 

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