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FlexEze patches are available at ChiroCure Clinic for instant pain relief for 12 hours

Why use a FlexEze patch?
– Lower back pain
– Muscle pain
– Muscle dysfunction
– Soft Tissue Injury
– Menstrual Cramps
– Tendinopathies
– Ligament Strain
– Joint Sprain

Why are Flexeeze patches effective?
FlexEze heat patches are air-activated.
They are designed to warm gradually.
Patches reach maximum heat in approximately 30 minutes.
Each patch will stay warm at a constant temperature for 12-24 hours.
They can be placed anywhere on the body comfortably.
They are 8cm x 10 cm in size.

How often can patches be used?
Patches can be used as often and as much as you like.
Please follow the recommendations for use described by your practitioner at ChiroCure Clinic.

How long will a patch last?
 FlexEze patches deliver a sustained temperature, above 40 degrees for approximately 12-24 hours.
We recommend that you discard your patch once it begins to cool.
Patches are not water proof, so please remove before showering and re-apply once dry.

Where else can I use them?
They are great because they are light weight and easy to carry for long travel.
Patches can be used with traveling long distances on planes, boats, cars and trains.

Will heat help with my treatment?
If you are suffering from muscle aches and pain then heat can help to relieve.
If you are experiencing muscle spasms, Flezeze patches can help.
Releasing tight and tender muscles can help to aid in a quicker recovery.
Please ensure that you follow the directions of your ChiroCure Clinic practitioner.