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Total Body Modification (TBM) at ChiroCure Clinic

Holistic TBM treatment technique offered at Chiropractic Clinic Melbourne

TBM treatment technique offered at ChiroCure Clinic StKilda (03)90135133

 TBM is treatment technique supplied by some of our remedial therapists, which is focused on detecting imbalances within the body through muscle testing and tapping specific body points. TBM then aims to harnesses energy channels which are linked to internal organs and system functioning.

Our therapists will often implement TBM treatment techniques into her chiropractic consultations, which may be a component of TBM specific assessment and/or correction, which in effect ‘switches on the body’ to respond to the more advanced treatments, such as organ adjusting and parasympathetic (fight/fight) correction in future sessions. By using this technique, Dr Leski works to improve an individual’s allergy condition or overactive nervous system to produce a bodily response.

Our chiropractors are skilled in performing a series of muscle tests during her treatment appointment to discover and correct the internal imbalances and blockages that may be impairing your health. These corrections include the restoration of organ function, re-balance blood flow, restore pressure, and improve water utilization for longer lasting correction and better overall health.

TBM natural holistic treatment technique using muscle testing

ChiroCure Clinic TBM treatments