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Is treatment safe during pregnancy??

Treatment can provided during all stages of pregnancy and after birth!

Not only can therapeutic treatment be helpful during pregnancy, but research has shown that it is also considered to be safe both during pregnancy and after birth…

The research (referenced below) explains the clinical effectiveness of both chiropractic and massage when assisting expecting mother to manage and treat their pain and stiffness during pregnancy and in preparation for labour. 

Both the clinical study and research in 2013 and 2016 explore that during pregnancy some significant hormonal and physical changes can evidently occur, causing of an affect on the function of the nervous system.(4)

Studies also found that the increase in body weight during pregnancy can often put additional or tremendous stress on the joints and muscles in the spine and pelvis, causing the body into a forced compensation, that often leading to a destabilisation.(5)

Massage can also be implement during labour and after birth to help with the relief and release of  tight and tender muscles in the low back, legs and feet.

Does it really help?

  • Studies has shown that approximately 84% of pregnant patients  that receive pre-natal care have some relief from their back pain.(3)
  • In addition, patients that have some form of therapeutic treatment during pregnancy reported that the duration of their labour time was on average about 31% shorter.
  • For women in the eighth month of pregnancy showing a breech position, a specific chiropractic method called the Webster’s Technique showed a 92% success rate in resolving the breech position**(4) (5)

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​​How can we support your health and function both during and after pregnancy…

  • Pain and discomfort, particularly in the low back and pelvis is very common during all stages of pregnancy. (1)
  • Chiropractic care is aimed at assisting your comfortability during your pregnancy and delivery.
  • ​Therapies focus on the stimulation of the nervous system, to facilitate reproductive organ function and support for both the mother and child throughout pregnancy and delivery.
  • Low back pain has often been described by our patients as an inevitable complication of pregnancy. 
  • Our chiropractors are passionate about helping you manage this type of pain and discomfort. 
  • Chiropractic care may assist in maintaining functioning in the spine and joints during pregnancy, as the integrity of the nervous system can be essential part of our health.

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