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What is immunity…? How does it affect out health?

What exactly is a healthy immune system?

  • Viruses and bacteria can affect people in different ways.
  • Symptoms develop when exposed to a virus or infection, depending upon the strength of ones immune system.
  • A strong and healthy immune system should be able to fend off most bacterial or viral intruders.
  • If you have a weakened defence system you may experience illness more often than those around you.
  • Some therapeutic treatments may help you to boost your immune function to help prevent reoccurring illness or injury.​​

Products available at chirocure clinic

Heat and Cold Therapy

Prescribed Therapeutic Gels, Cremes, Balms & Anti-inflammatories

Practitioner Prescribed Supplements & Natural Therapies

How can treatment help boost your immunity?

  • The nervous system controls and regulates organs, tissues and cell functions in your body.
  • Spinal pain can interfere with nervous system function and nerve supply. 
  • Unleveling and misalignment may affect the bodies immune system longterm if left unassisted.
  • When the immune system is free of nerve interference, the body often functions more optimally.
  • All therapeutic treatments at ChiroCure Clinic StKilda aim to help boost your immune system.

For additional information please ask one of our practitioners, or request to talk to our principle chiropractor Dr Tania Leski.

We are excited to offer all patients a personalised rehab and home care plan to help improve boost your immune and function.

What do our Chiropractors say…

Our practitioners have reported that on many occasions while in clinical practice, they have they have experienced that their patients have reported to them that when they have more regular treatments, they feel they experience less severe cold like symptoms during winter, as apposed to when they do not have any treatment for a prolonged period. 

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