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Maintaining a Healthy Digestive System

Because we get all of our nutrients from our food and these nutrients are absorbed through our digestive tract, it is extremely important that we maintain a healthy digestive system! There is a common misconception that one strain of probiotic may be as effective as another in obtaining desired clinical outcomes. However, one strain behaves very different in the human body than another. In this blog entry I will be discussing the various types of probiotics that Metagenics has to offer and what results each type has been shown achieve.
When prescribing probiotics be sure that your healthcare professional is prescribing for a purpose, not just to make money! Whether it is due to poor diet, stress and lifestyle or medications (including oral contraceptives and antibiotics), it is important to ensure that the good bacteria in the gut is replenished to maintain a fully functioning digestive tract. Studies have shown that antibiotics continue to have a negative impact on the numbers and diversity of gut flora up to FOUR years after just a one week course. A probiotic such as Ultra Flora Restore would be most appropriate to restore healthy levels of gut bacteria.
The following strains have been shown to or may:
Ultra Flora Immune Enhance 
– Enhance healthy immune system functioning
– Reduce the duration and severity of colds
– Maintain healthy gastrointestinal immune function and support beneficial intestinal bacterial adherence

Ultra Flora Immune Control
– Maintain healthy immune system regulation
– Reduce occurrence of, allergy symptoms
– Decrease occurrence of eczema in infants and children

Ultra Flora LGG
– Reduce the incidence of eczema and food allergies in infants (when taken by mom in 3rd trimester and first 18 months of breastfeeding)
– Reduce frequency of diarrhea

Ultra Flora Restore
– Assist in restoration of healthy gut flora
– Ideal for use during and after ANTIBIOTIC therapy

Ultra Flora Dysbiosis
– Assist with the management of dysbiosis (is a term for a microbial imbalance)
– Relieve and reduce the frequency of diarrhea
– Reduce the risk of TRAVELLER’S DIARRHEA

– Assist with the management o medically diagnosed IBS
– Relieve bloating, intestinal pain and inflammation

Ultra Flora Digest
– Support healthy digestive function and beneficial gut bacteria
– Support healthy immunity
– A great tasting, rapidly dispensible source of fibre

After selecting and prescribing the correct probiotics, the gut needs to have a healthy terrain and the ingested probiotics need sufficient fuel. Providing sufficient fuel for the good bacteria to thrive can be ensured by recommending a diet with adequate fibre and prebiotics or by recommending a proven prebiotics such as Ultra Flora Digest.