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Neck and back pain and how Osteopathy treatment can help.

Why do I have neck and back pain?? 
And how can osteopathy help with this…

Have you ever wondered why you have a sore neck or back, when you never do any big extreme movements, or that you never remember an event that started it.
Neck and back pain can arise from a variety of conditions. 

‚ÄčThese include and are not limited to; stress, sleep quality and position, daily pattern, as well as desk or general day-to-day ergonomics.  All these and many more can bring on pain that can cause disruption in your daily activities.
Neck and back pain can be acute and chronic.  It can cause stiffness and a loss in range of movement.  Can also travel up the neck and cause headaches.  Or refer down into the back or shoulder and cause discomfort there as well.

Our range of treatment options can give us a variety of different ways to tackle your problem. 

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