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Understanding different chiropractic adjustment techniques

Our treatment techniques Below is a brief description of the primary chiropractic adjustment techniques we use.​Each method of chiropractic treatment has its advantages and our chiropractors will work with you to determine if one or a combination of methods are right for you.BOOK APPOINTMENTS INSTANTLY ONLINE Spinal Manipulation Therapy Also known as manual chiropractic manipulation, […]

Dry Needling Treatment @ ChiroCure Clinic StKilda

DRY NEEDLING TREATMENTS Accredited practitioners Our practitioners education in dry needling is Chiropractic Australia and Osteopathy Australia accredited. Chiropractors and Osteopaths alike, have extensive anatomical knowledge of the body and vast training in the management of neuromusculoskeletal problems, so they are well placed to deliver dry needle therapy. ​Patients should enquire during an appointment as to whether or not […]

Are you working from home? Ergonomic Tips to maintain a healthy posture in your new workstation.

Starting to get restless and can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes?Getting some back pain?​There may be many reasons why you answered the above questions with a resounding yes. Moving your workstation home can present many challenges. Whether it’s distractions from kids, Netflix or the need to get outside and exercise one thing that […]

Welcoming our new Osteopath

We would like to introduce our new Osteopath to the ChiroCure Clinic team! Osteopathy goes beyond being a form of evidence-based manual therapy or complimentary medicine. Osteopathy is getting you back to what you love doing and keeping you there.Our holistic approach to treatment and management helps us to achieve this and ‘create a meaningful change’.  Our […]

Bulk-billing for COVID19 suffers & people directly affected by COVID19    (No out of pocket costs for chiro consults) Get Referral over the phone

THIS WEEKS CLINIC UPDATE FOR PATIENTS… WE are Bulk-billing for COVID19 suffers & people directly affected by COVID19.​ Get your Medicare Referral over the phone or via telehealth from your GP today. Access in clinic or online consults and claim with medicare Clinic in StKilda will remain open for appointments at this time ONLINE CONSULT FEES […]

ChiroCure Clinic is still open for appointments

WE ARE STILL OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR CHIRO & OSTEO APPTS As suggested by the Australian Department of Health, we are doing everything possible to minimise the risk of spreading CoVID. At ChiroCure Clinic we are taking every precaution; all currently working staff are being screened and tested weekly, we are screening patients […]

Clinic update from staff during CoV19

Attention valued patients & friends: Chiropractic is considered an essential health service. Because of this, we are currently OPEN as usual.  The role chiropractic has to play in the current climate is one of importance – bearing the load and reducing an influx to the local GPs and or the emergency department.  Chiropractic Care is aimed at helping the nervous […]


So, as we all know, Corona Virus is everywhere. People are panicking, buying all the toilet paper they can and ducking for cover when they hear a cough. I thought, it’s not worth panicking, just be smart, practice excellent hygiene habits, especially at work where I see so many different people, people who have different […]

​Lower cross syndrome and treatment

Lower Cross Syndrome / Incorrect Lumbar Curvature ​Lower cross syndrome Lower Crossed Syndrome is a muscular imbalance syndrome, which results in postural changes, postural dysfunction and visible unleveling; particularly in the lower spine, that our Chiropractors are trained to identify. We will complete an assessment, posture scan and posture report during your first visit.  Muscular imbalance can lead to an unstable back, […]

Brendon explains Myotherapy, Dry Needling  & Acupuncture & the different treatment outcomes

A little about our Myotherapist – Brendon… Brendon’s passion for myotherapy, dry needling, soft tissue work, rehab and recovery was heavily influenced when he injured his own knee as a young child. Brendon not only works with us at ChiroCure Clinic, but also works within a soft tissue Medical treatment team at the Western Bulldogs […]

Group Fitness Classes…

We are now offering sports specialist and group fitness classes with our qualified Chiropractors, Osteopaths & PT’s. ​Only $45.00 per class.​ Read more about our practitioners biographies on our ‘Practitioners Page‘ 

ChiroCure Clinic welcomes Dr Jennifer Lew to the team!

Welcoming our new ChiroCure Chiropractor – Dr Jen Lew Dr Jennifer Lew has been practicing Chiropractic in Sydney for the past 5 years at an integrated health clinic. Ultimately it was a combination of growing up in a Medical family (both parents are GPs) and the love of sport, health, fitness and performance that lead […]

Dr Rachel Duncan is working extra shifts this Christmas!!

ChiroCure Clinic is open during xmas and new year! ChiroCure Clinic will be operating slightly reduced hours this holiday season! We will be open every day during Christmas except for Christmas Day. We will be open in between boxing day and new years day. Open as normal from the 2nd Jan 2020. ​ Dr Rachel […]

Clinic Opening Hours this festive season

ChiroCure Clinic is open during the x-mas period and we do not close over new year! See ChiroCure Clinics Dec 2019 and Jan 2020 Clinic hours below. ​Please call to book your next appointment during the holidays. ​ Signup to receive our newsletter and special promotions * Indicates required field Email * I agree to receiving […]


UPPER CROSS SYNDROME & CHIROPRACTIC Upper Crosse Syndrome (UCS) is caused by an imbalance in the flexor and extensor muscles of the chest and upper back. It can be seen clearly on X-ray imaging referred by your chiropractor, when looking from the side of the spine at the spinal curves. Posture will often result in the […]

Personal Training recommendations

How to get the most out of your treatment?Why not co manage your condition with one of our recommended PT’s? How to get the most out of your chiropractic careYour chiropractor is perfecting your postural alignment, aiming to have you moving more efficiently and without discomfort. Treatment involves a mix of techniques, including: gentle manipulation, […]

Prepaid Massage Visit Pack Offers

SAVE $ WITH A PREPAID MASSAGE VISIT PACKS AT CHIROCURE CLINIC ST KILDA ​​ REMEDIAL MASSAGE & MYOTHERAPY PACKAGES ​AVAILABLE FOR PRE-PURCHASE 10 X 60 MINUTE Remedial Massage Pack Pay $85 per visit (normally $95) Save $100 5 X 60 MINUTE Myotherapy & Dry Needling Pack Pay $115 per visit (normally $125) Save $50 5 […]

Beyond The Spine: Our Extremity Adjusting

Our chiropractors are also extremity adjusters! At ChiroCure Clinic our chiropractors offer relief beyond the spine and neck, we can also manually adjust all the joints in your legs and arms!! This can help to relieve hip pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, low back pain and all extremity dysfunction or pain symptoms. ​ Our […]