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ChiroCure Xmas Hours for 2016

Keep your Back Happy This Holiday SeasonChristmas Hours As Follows:Dec 24 – CLOSEDDec 25 – CLOSEDDec 26 – CLOSEDReopen Dec 27 – 31Jan 1 – CLOSEDJan 2 – CLOSED  What is the importance of looking after your posture this festive season?? The Chiropractic Association of Australia has recently revealed that the summer holiday season is increasingly becoming a peak season for […]

Stress and the body

Chiropractic care and remedial massage therapy at chirocure can help to manage stress causing pain in the body. Our chiropractors work primarily with the spine, the root of the nervous system through which nerve impulses travel from the brain to the rest of the body. One effect of chronic stress is prolonged muscle tension and […]

Protect Your Back Whilst Mowing the Lawn

Chiropractic care at ChiroCure Clinic can help! Just like any strenuous task which isn’t done on a regular basis, mowing the lawn and gardening can lead to tired and aching muscles in the back. Most of these injuries are due to the posture adopted by most while performing these tasks. Standing or walking in a […]


We will be open over the Easter long weekend! For further information about our opening hours from Friday 2nd of April to Monday the 5th of April, check below… Good Friday 2nd April: 9am – 2pm Saturday 3rd April: 8am- 5pm Easter Sunday: 9am-5pm Easter Monday: 9am- 9pm We hope everyone has a safe and happy […]

Spring Back Into Health: Hay Fever

What is Hay Fever? ​Hay fever is the common name for a condition called allergic rhinitis, which means an allergy that affects the nose. Most people associate hay fever with spring, when airborne pollens from grasses are at their peak. However, hay fever can occur at any time of the year. ​ Your nose acts […]

What is a report of findings visit at ChiroCure Clinic

Report of Findings appointments at ChiroCure Clinic(Usually in the 2nd or 3rd visit or after a new injury or trauma) You may be referred by our chiropractor for spinal X-rays.After collecting your images from radiology, you will need to bring them in to your next scheduled appointment at ChiroCure Clinic. During this consultation, you will […]

Patient parking at ChiroCure

Patients Please feel free to use the Inkerman hotel car park ​Patients are welcome to use the car park located directly accross the road. The car park located in the Inkerman hotel Located directly pposite to the clinic​ Signage for the clinic will be displayed in this area shortly.

We have new Clinic hours

Clinic Hours: Open 7 days a week! Chiropractic Treatment Hours:​Monday      9:00am – 7:30 pmTuesday     11:00am – 8:00pmWednesday  9:00am – 7:45pmThursday   12:00pm – 9:00pmFriday        12:00pm – 7:00pmSaturday      7:00am – 2:00pmSunday      10:00am – 3:00pm Remedial Massage Hours:​Tuesday           1:00pm – 7:45pm​Wednesday […]

What is remedial massage therapy at ChiroCure Clinic?                                              How can it help aid in my recovery?                                            

Remedial massage is effective when:When muscles and tendons become damaged or impaired, knotted and tense or immobile What area will be massaged during a session at chirocure?​Our practitioners holistically treat the whole body and traces the discomfort as far as possible back to the original cause.We aim to heal both the cause of the disorder […]

supplemets for purchase

Our supplements for fertility… Meta zinc with vitamin Men can combine weekly chiropractic treatments with Vitamin C and Zinc supplements (such as this Metagenics product pictured in the right) to really boost immunity and sperm quality to improve fertility rates. Research has shown that taking 2000mg of Vitamin C daily can increase sperm count, improve […]

Dura disc rehab preview

Our chiropractic practitioners also provide:– personalised rehabilitation programs for each patient.– Rehab exercises to stregthen– Stretching routine to release specific muscle groups Here is an example of one of our specialised dura disc rehab exercise program for a patient with ankle instability.

Guide to healthy living

ChiroCure Clinic introduces:  A summer guide to healthy living • Exercise Regularly. Regular exercise should include aerobic strength training and balance work. Muscles need a full range of motion when exercising and stretching for optimum performance. • Eat a Healthy Diet. Good nutrition allows the body to heal itself better. Every day thousands of cells in […]

What is sinusitis, sinus irritation and congestion?

ChiroCure Clinic StKilda VIC 3183 Why am I experiencing sinus related symptoms?The answer is that if your body is working properly, your resistance to germs, dust, temperature changes and other stresses is high. A healthy body has properly drained sinuses. Does therapeutic treatment help?Therapeutic treatment including massage therapy aims to relieve blocked sinus and fascial muscles that can cause blockages. Techniques applied […]

Nutritional Tips from our chiropractic professionals at ChiroCure Clinic

We can help you get healthy and stay well!! Some of the areas we assist our clients in their quest for better health include the recommendations of nutritional changes, the taking of health supplements, teaching and performing exercises and stretches, and assistance in making healthier lifestyle choices. What type of conditions can our nutrition care […]

Why should we drink more water…

The importance of drinking more water after your Chiro adjustemnts ​Why water helps: Hydration Help Remove Toxins from the body Keeping properly hydrated is even more important for patients who undergo chiropractic treatments. Patients may experience a variety of mild side effects for the first 24 hours following an adjustment, ranging from headache, to nausea, […]

Rehab programs made just for you!!

What can exercise do for you? • Strong Body – Exercise helps strengthens joints and muscles all over body. • Osteoporosis prevention – Regular exercise promotes bone formation and can help prevent bone loss associated with aging. Treatment with our chiropractors and remedial massage therapists, along with exercise can help prevent pain and stiffness in […]

Follow us online

Read our clinic blog page… With this months healthy living guide, treatment specials and holiday opening hours. You can follow all of our updates and latest giveaways by clicking on the “follow us” link at the bottom of the blog page. For appointment information please call the clinic on (03) 90135133

Xray referral at ChiroCure

Chiropractic diagnostic xray imaging @ ChiroCure Clinic St.Kilda East Based on the nature of your condition, as well as a number of other factors, imaging may be requested. Referral to our local radiologist is bulk billed by Medicare. X-ray studies may be taken of your spine or injured body part. These are not always required. […]

How to understand your body. Dr Tania Leski explains this Febuary…

At ChiroCure we specialise in treatment for the whole body.We offer chiropractic remedial massage, relaxation massage, thai massage, shiatsu massage, therapeutic cupping, myotherapy, dry needling and more.  ChiroCure clinic StKilda East 3183 Phone (03)90135133 How Chiropractic Care Can Help: – Allow body to coordinate and heal – Improves nervous system functioning – Removes interruption of nerve […]

Keep up to date on our chiropractor by following our clinic google page

You might just be surprised at what we can do... You can Book in for a spinal assessment consult at  either our clinic in StKilda or virtually for an online assessment. Our practitioners can offer advice about your body and discuss some realistic ways they can help you address your areas of concern. We can help you […]