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Posture Correcting Exercises

Exercises recommended by our Chiropractors Here are some simple strategies our chiropractors recommend you can implement right now, whether at home or work for better health after your ChiroCure Clinic treatment. Add these exercises and stretches to your daily routine, along with increasing your general activity and movement throughout the day to help your treatment […]

Supplement recommendations this winter

Want an immunity booster this winter?  Why not try these probiotics….  Practitioner dispense supplements are proven to better absorbed and more effective Helps to maintain a healthy immune system daily Great to help fight the common cold and keep you at your best during winter Recommended by our professional chiropractors Prescribed by our qualified practitioners  To […]

We are excited to introduce our our new Chiropractor – Dr Rachel Duncan

We would like to warmly welcome Dr Rachel  Duncan to the ChiroCure Clinic team. Dr Rachel Duncan is passionate in providing a high standard of treatment and care to her patients. Her passion comes from her understanding of human physiology and the natural and gentle application of functional Chiropractic techniques. Dr Rachels goal is to […]

We welcome our newest Chiropractor

ChiroCure Clinic would  like to warmly welcome Jake to the team! ​We are very excited to have you on board.         Availability:         Monday            8 am – 2 pm        Wednesday      8 am –  3 pm    Friday         […]

Treatment for Upper & Lower Cross Syndrome

Could your ‘desk posture’ be contributing to your lower back pain, neck pain or headaches? Chiropractic treatment can help! Are you stuck behind a desk while slugging away at work all day long – five days a week? If this sounds like you, there is a likely chance you might be suffering from what I like […]

LGBTQ-friendly Chiropractic Clinic

We offer a supportive treatment environment for the LGBTQ Community Our practitioners at ChiroCure Clinic have created a safe, supportive and judgement free space for everyone in the community to receive care. We are respectful of all people and treat all people equally.​ We offer chiropractic care, remedial  massage therapy and myotherapy services. Our Clinic is listed […]

Do you suffer from sinus pain, common colds or headaches during winter?

Can you avoid sinus, headaches and colds this WINTER?       Find out more from our massage therapists recommendations below…​ A common cause of sinus pressure and pain is the common cold or allergies, causing what is known as sinusitis. Headaches are often present when a patient is experiencing sinusitis or when having a cold. […]

TBM Treatment at ChiroCure Clinic

TBM Chiropractic Treatment Techniques​ Dr Tania Leski works to improve an individual’s allergy condition or overactive nervous system. She will perform a series of muscle tests to discover and correct the internal imbalances and blockages that may be impairing your health. These corrections include the restoration of organ function, rebalance blood flow, restore pressure, and improve water […]

Rib Misalignment & Chiropractic treatment

Did you know that all ribs in the chest can become misaligned? Misalignment and unleveling can occur when a rib moves slightly backwards and inwards from the thoracic vertebra towards the spine. The surrounding back muscles contract and tighten to protect the misalignment.​All of the rib attachments in our chest can become misaligned and cause […]

Do you know of any young, developing children with HEAVY backpacks?

Using a heavy and incorrectly fitted backpack will force your spine to deteriorate Some changes include:​ Distortion to the natural curves, resulting in muscle strains (changes to lordotic and kyphotic curves) Irritation to joints Rounding of the shoulders   Please speak to our chiropractors if you have any questions

Correct your posture with Chiropractic advice

Correct your posture while sitting! Correct sitting position & posture Sit up with your back straight and your shoulders back. All 3 normal back curves should be present while sitting. As one of our chiropractors more about this at your next appointment.  Distribute your body weight evenly on both hips. Bend your knees at a right angle. Keep […]


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Functional Muscle Assessments are now available at ChiroCure Clinic

What is Functional movement screening?A functional movement screening (FMS) is an appointment that involves using a  pre-participation screening tool, that is designed to identify compensatory movement patterns, that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance. What are the functional movement screen tests?The FMS helps identify muscle asymmetries, tightness, weakness and other risk factors for injury by examining the […]

Do you suffer from back pain?!

Back pain is very prevalent in Australia and 1 in 6 people suffer from it.  ​That is approximately 3.7 million people within our population are suffering from symptoms such as numbness, tingling, weakness and pain in the legs. What’s more alarming is that many individuals who suffer from back pain, are often provided with incorrect treatment […]

Practitioner Roster

Below is our most up to date practitioner roster If you would like to find out when your favourite therapist is working next, please look up shifts on our roster below.  To book an appointment, please call us at the clinic on (03)90135133 We would like to welcome back Dr. Tania Leski from her break […]

Spinal Health Screening & Computerised Posture Assessments

Computerised Spinal Screening withPosture Assessment & Report By ChiroCure Clinic Chiropractors WHAT WILL A SPINAL SCREEN LOOK FOR? A spinal screen will assess your spine for: A spinal screen will assess your spine for: Vertebral, spinal and extremity misalignment. Posture abnormalities History of accidents or trauma Repetitive strain injury Poor sleeping posture Poor ergonomics can […]

Sports injury care at ChiroCure

Chiropractic treatment for sports injury and wellness 5 ways athletes benefit from Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Massage & Myotherapy:1. Undo the punishment the body takes in sports2. Treatment appropriate for a variety of injuries – reduce pain3.Non-invasive / drug free treatment4. Injury prevention5. Performance Enhancement You don’t need to be a professional athlete to require chiropractic treatment […]

Did you know about bra strap supports sold at ChiroCure?

Do you know how to get the right support from your bra? Bra Strap Cushions are available for purchase at Chirocure Clinic in StKilda East. They are effective and discreet posture aids. Women simply slide their bra straps into the specially designed bra strap cushion channels, for instant pain relief, and additional support. Bra support […]