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How many weeks since your last adjustment?

chiropractic for ALL AGES at CHIROCURE CLINIC First Floor, 358 Glen Huntly Rd Elsterwick 3185 The best way to avoid problems in the future is to continue with treatment appointments at ChiroCure Clinic Elsternwick.Maintenance adjustments may help you to prevent reoccurring episodes of pain and spinal dysfunction, as well as assisting with home care rehab […]

Incorrect Curvature – How Can ChiroCure Clinic help?

WHAT CAUSES INCORRECT SPINAL CURVES? Post whiplash Post head injury Stomach sleeping Poor sitting/working postures Congenital spinal curvatures Osteoporosis Degenerative cervical discs (a form of osteoarthritis that can either be the cause of or the result of a cervical kyphosis) Compression fracture of vertebral body Infection of the cervical spine Loss or Reversal of Neck […]

Treatment can help with headaches and migraine. Find out more at ChiroCure Clinic Elsternwick & StKilda

Chiropractic Treatment for neck pain and dysfunction.ChiroCure can help reduce your pain, headache and migraine related symptoms.Please see the fact sheet attached below. For more information please contact ChiroCure Clinic on 9013 5133. http://www.chiropractors.asn.au/images/stories/Files/Chiropractic%20Fact%20Sheets/Fact%20Sheet%20-%20Neck%20Adjustment.pdf

Chiropractic treatment effects

My name is Tania, I am a chiropractor with five years of clinical experience and apply more than five of my advanced technique certifications within my practice including gentle manual adjusting, cranial techniques, mobilization, stretching, strengthening, activator and muscle real ease techniques. I am a dedicated health care professional, that is focused on offering each […]

Ultrasound treatment is available at ChiroCure Clinic with Dr Tania Leski

What is ultrasound treatment and what is it used for?? Ultrasound therapy is used to minimise muscle pain and movement dysfunction.   Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves to deliver deep heat to the treated tissues.   The treatments may help reduce stiffness, swelling, and pain, increase circulation, and promote pain-free movement.  Ultrasound therapy may be used alone or […]

ChiroCure Clinic uses X-Rays to assess your spinal degeneration

Example of an X-ray analysis for a patient suffering low back pain Degenerative joint disease, “DJD”, is basically wear and tear on the spinal bones and soft tissues, like the spinal disc. Degenerative joint disease can also be called osteoarthritis, or arthritis of the spine. Many people are not aware that they have degenerative joint […]

ChiroCure offers chiropractic treatment for whiplash. Find the latest research article about a recent clinical study in the link below.                                                            Book appointments online at:

Click on the link below to access the latest reach article about how chiropractic care can help with whiplash injuries and post trauma symptoms.http://www.comparechiropractic.com/chiropractic-education/whiplash/chiropractic-treatment-for-whiplash/ FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS RESEARCH ARTICLE OR THE SPECIALISED TYPES OF TREATMENT THAT WE OFFER AT CHIROCURE PLEASE CALL US ON (03) 9013 5133. We also offer appointment Booking online with the […]

how does our nervous system work?

ChiroCure Childrens assessments For information about our assessment for infants and children please call us at chirocure in stkilda on 90135133

Vitamin D

Functions: Promoting bone mineralization; Absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food in the intestines, and reabsorption of calcium in the kidneys; Modulate neuromuscular and immune function and reduce inflammation. Sources: Self-synthesis via direct sunlight; Cod liver oil; Fatty fish species such as herring, catfish, salmon, cooked, mackerel, sardines, tuna, and eel; Egg yolk; Beef liver. […]

Chirocure treatments can help with incorrect curvature and associated spinal conditions including kyphosis and scoliosis

INCORRECT CURVATURE  Changes in posture can cause signs such as a hump in the upper back and hip tilt in the lower back.   Kyphosis is rounding of the upper back that may cause a visible hump, loss of height, and change in postural dynamics. There are many types of kyphosis, including Scheuermann’s kyphosis and kyphosis […]

Chiropractic maintenence care research by the world health organisation

Research and evidence into the science & effectiveness of chiropractic treatment The concept that chiropractic care is of value in maintaining health and preventing disease began with the work of Mr Palmer. See the research article stated below referenced below for more detail and findings (1)   ​ For more information please ask DR Tania Leski at ChiroCure Clinic. A report […]

Degenerative Joint Disease

Information for Chirocure patients Degenerative disc disease is a slow progressive breakdown in the structures that make up the disc. It can occur in all segments of the spine but most often in the mobile segments of the neck and back. The soft center of the disc (nucleus) loses its fluid content and is less […]

Promoting ChiroCure to the local community

ChiroCure Chiropractor Dr Tania Leski. – Chiropractor. Offering spinal care and health guidence to your local community. Please contact us and request to have your chiropractor come out to a local sporting club, school, or foundation for an educational presentation, health information session or postural assessment demonstration. Are you interested in achieving your full health […]

Last week for November special at ChiroCure Clinic

Get your FREE chiropractic posture assessment with Dr Tania Leski.Today from 3pm – 6pm at GloHealth in Elsternwick​ Do you know what is happening with your body? Ask Dr Leski how chiropractic care can help you.

How to loosen your back using a foam roller – Dr Tania Leski Explains

Foam Roller Exercises recommended by our therapists​ Start in this position first 1. CORE WORK ON THE ROLLER Lie faceup with foam roller horizontally under upper back (below shoulder blades), knees bent, feet flat, and hands behind head. Tighten abs and press into feet, lifting hips slightly to slowly roll from upper to middle back. Find […]